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About Duncan Moon Sculptor

Duncan Moon is a British /Australian self-taught artist and a passionate exponent of Australian stone sculpture. Inspired by the knowledge of the orderly inner world of rock crystals he has sought to externalise an ideation of this organisation in the underlying geometry of his compositions in two and three dimensions.


His public artworks have been noted for their articulation of place and their unification of positive public sentiment.

He has also worked as a stonemason specialising in the field of restoration and has taught as a freelance lecturer. He is based on the South Coast of Western Australia.



·      1979 –present: Group exhibitions, public and private art commissions. Restored heritage masonry ornamentation to numerous public and private buildings.

·      Consulted with architects, engineers, council officers, builders and clients on public art sculpture issues, all aspects of restoring masonry and plaster work and art gallery construction program.

·      Covered all aspects of being a banker and walling mason:  Restoration work on buildings from the 14th century onward, carved mouldings, carved lettering, cut and polished stone.

·      Prepared reports, preliminary drawings, working drawings, site plans and specifications.  Determined methodology and costs.

·      Taught art, rhythm and stonemasonry at or through TAFE, Labour Market Programs and Regional Training Programs.

·      Designed and supervised the construction of Western Australia’s first fully publicly accessible, indoor, artificial climbing wall. 



·      2015 Great Southern Art Trail.

·      2015 Shangri-La Sunset Shimmy Mob auction exhibition.

·      2015 Unearthed, Pemberton.

·      2014 Reflections, Anzac Memorial Sculpture in the Harbour Albany.

·      2012 Metamorphosis, Viewpoint Residency Museum Albany.

·      2012 Albany Art Exhibition Albany.

·      2011 The Albany Boat Show [exhibition], Vancouver Arts Centre Albany.

·      2010 South West Survey BRAG Bunbury.

·      2010 Artists of the Blackwood. Documentary film.


    • 2008 Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe.

    • 2007 Environmental Art in the Park. Balingup.

    • 2006 Music. Etro Café Bistro, Perth.

    • 2006 Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe.

    • 2005 The Albany Dog Show [exhibition], Vancouver Arts Centre Albany.

    • 2004 In House Exhibition, Vancouver Arts Centre Albany.




·      2017 Nearest of the faraway places, public art public toilet, Bayswater WA.

·      2014 Seek to know higher things, WA % for Art Commission Australind Senior High School.

·      2009, Time/space continuum, Balingup Village Green Entry Statement. Balingup.

·      2008 Arcanum, loaned to Midland Redevelopment Authority.


    • 2007 Fabricated plaster mould for F White ‘Life to Life’. Bridgetown public art, private patron.

    • 2005 Assisted Jon Tarry with stone design, cutting and fixing with ‘Centuri’. Albany Justice Complex, Percent for Art.

    • 2003 Engaged by Poets of the Machine to construct Bookwall, Sprung Writers’ Festival,                                                   

                   Vancouver Arts Centre Albany.  Installation.



·      1992 designed and supervised construction of WA’s first fully publicly accessible indoor climbing wall.




    • 2015 Kwoorabup Community Park, Denmark Shire Council public art program.

    • 2007 Mount Barker Community College, public art work.  % for Art.




    •  2016 University of Western Australia, open invitational lecture.

Geometric Visions; an analytical and anecdotal history of proportion.

·      2015 University of Western Australia, Faculty of Music invitational lecture.

Geometric Visions; an analytical and anecdotal history of proportion.

·      2006 Artist Talk “Geometry as Frozen Music” Etro Café Bistro, Perth.



·      2017 ABC Radio National Books and Arts.

·      2017 ABC Breakfast Perth.

·      2017 Triggerfish Critical Review.

·      2014 ABC Great Southern Sculpture in the Harbour

·      2010 Survey 2010 Artists in the South West.

·      2010 Artists of the Blackwood. Documentary film.

·      2010 West Australian Countryman.




·      Marco Dorsogna.

·      D and A Beasley.




·      2014 Upcycle, Bonking Frog Winery.

Sculptor Duncan Moon
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