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Nearest of the faraway places
Wall painting
Time and space continuum

Welcome to Duncan Moon artist in stone and stucco


Duncan Moon is a Western Australian based sculptor, painter, draftsman, designer and stonemason, working principally in stone and its cousin in the masonry idiom, stucco.

A rigorous, classically grounded ‘in the round’ sculptor, he physically and artistically inhabits a space at the confluence of art, design, architecture, engineering, construction and mathematics.


Working within a crucible of these blurred lines sculpture, structure, space and form manifest with clarity, precision and a distinct aesthetic of his own.


Geometric imperatives and Platonic ideals provide the formal vocabulary within Duncan’s sculptural language, where sensual contemporary artworks are evoked from ancient ideas.

The implicit movement typically found in his curvilinear artwork is an effective exploitation of space, while the congress of material and composition is an irresistibly tactile expression of his concepts, narratives and allegories.

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